1. Some snapshots from my summer garden party! 

  2. In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to this summer. 

  3. A breathtaking sunrise in Acadia National Park. Well worth the 4am wake up! 

  4. Some medium format shots from that time Aviva and I went to Warped Tour. 

  5. Some bedroomey black and white shots from a few years ago. 

  6. I’m in Costa Rica! Here’s some unrelated pretty medium formats of makeup time. 

  7. With winter finally coming to an end I figured I’d post this snowball fight shoot before it became totally irrelevant! 

    Aviva, Me, Matt + Snow. 

  8. White wall stuff.

  9. Looking forward to new adventures this summer.

    Venice, 2012. 

  10. Tintypes of Matt and me from our trip to SF.