1. In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to this summer. 

  2. A breathtaking sunrise in Acadia National Park. Well worth the 4am wake up! 

  3. Some medium format shots from that time Aviva and I went to Warped Tour. 

  4. Some bedroomey black and white shots from a few years ago. 

  5. I’m in Costa Rica! Here’s some unrelated pretty medium formats of makeup time. 

  6. With winter finally coming to an end I figured I’d post this snowball fight shoot before it became totally irrelevant! 

    Aviva, Me, Matt + Snow. 

  7. White wall stuff.

  8. Looking forward to new adventures this summer.

    Venice, 2012. 

  9. Tintypes of Matt and me from our trip to SF. 

  10. Shooting in the middle of nowhere during a crazy storm was pretty awesome. Can’t wait for this summer! Aviva and I are already planning our photo adventures. 

    Erica & Aviva.