1. With winter finally coming to an end I figured I’d post this snowball fight shoot before it became totally irrelevant! 

    Aviva, Me, Matt + Snow. 

  2. White wall stuff.

  3. Looking forward to new adventures this summer.

    Venice, 2012. 

  4. Tintypes of Matt and me from our trip to SF. 

  5. Shooting in the middle of nowhere during a crazy storm was pretty awesome. Can’t wait for this summer! Aviva and I are already planning our photo adventures. 

    Erica & Aviva.

  6. Some medium format shots from my shoot in Toronto the other week. 

  7. Matt and I took the ferry to Staten Island during our recent trip to NYC. I was worried that the fog would ruin our view but it only made it more magical. 

    Shot on Impossible Project PX70 film.

  8. This is why I love breakfast.

  9. Oh, hello.

  10. Some fav medium format shots, 2013.